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Prada announces a new handbag, the Prada Replica Handbags. Belle means beautiful and it explains the design of this handbag.

The Prada Belle feels bold and strong yet ladylike. It features several of metal hardware to make sure the design keeps shining like the metal loop around the front leather strap or the metal hardware that supports the chain strap.The flap is also refined with round edges while the body is rectangle shaped. More over, the bag is made from calf leather.

Prada Replica Handbags

But let’s also take a look at the inside. There are two styles; a shoulder bag and a handle bag version.The shoulder bag version features 2 inside pockets including 1 with zipper. The handle bag version features 1 back compartment, 1 main compartment and 1 zipped pocket on the inside.

Remember the love we had for the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote – one of the iconic bags of the brand? Everyone adore the Saffiano Lux Tote because the leather was impeccable, the interior practical and the design was lady-like.

Now introducing the Prada Biblioteque Bag a gorgeous new tote bag with a complicated name. Bibliotheque means Library in French. This beautiful bag here is made from love, pure love. Everything about it makes your heart beat faster. The design is quite minimal – featuring the Prada Milano logo in the center, available in single or bi-color, crafted from calf leather, with double leather handle and shoulder strap that can be adjusted or detached.

What’s more wonderful is when you spin the Hermes Replica Bags to its side. The bag is foldable with snap closures, which means that you can easily expand or contract to suit the amount of essentials you need to carry on that day. And the best thing is, it’s all hidden – nobody can see that the bag is bigger or smaller.

The interior has so much room that you can put all your essentials inside, including your laptop if you need it for work. The sides are foldable, which makes it easy to contract. More over, the interior comes with three pockets including one with zipper closure and one with flap.